Live leadership

CEO Code Buch für Führungskräfte

An exciting book,

written with experience

and full of impulses

for executives.


Director Customer Service, Mazda Motor RUSSIA

 This particular book…

Tidy up with "secure strategies" and failing standards!


Anyone acting within current and well-known standards today will neither be able to be successful as a CEO in the long term nor set people in motion. A successful CEO is a strong personality, a lighthouse at the top of the company that everyone can align themselves to.

Appeals to shape and live corporate identity!


Corporate identity is not created by a canon of values decreed from above or assembled by external consultants, but by clear leaders who stand for something. This is exactly how authentic leadership works today.

Show the CEO code!


With this provocative and revolutionary approach, the book shows you what the CEO code is and whether you also carry it within you. Wearing sneakers does not make you a reliable and authentic leader.

Buch für Führungskräfte


We live in turbulent times. Not officials, but personalities are in demand in such times. We are not afraid to speak of an evolution of society as a whole in this context.  

Das Buch, das Führungskräfte zum Umdenken anregt


What was true yesterday no longer applies.

Hence, it is with small repairs

not done. We have to completely rethink the company.

Buch das aus Führungskräften Persönlichkeiten macht


Anyone who does not identify themselves as a person will be mercilessly fed into the mainstream by the algorithms of the digital.

Leader Management Buch


Anyone who has had to wear the blue suit inside and out for decades will eventually no longer know who they are and what they stand for. To put it clearly: someone who lives in such an imbalance cannot be a leader who people follow enthusiastically.

Motivation Management Buch


It is simply not possible to motivate someone from the outside. The distinction between “inside” and “outside” makes no sense. It is only the situation that motivates, when it fits the life motives of the respective person.

Führungshandbuch - authentisch führen


What we need in the future is personal leadership. We have to win people over with credibility and authenticity, convince them, get them carried away and motivate them. That is the order of the day.

Visionen und Werte Buch


It is not organization that keeps the companies of today and tomorrow alive, but rather people who have visions and values and who credibly exemplify them. People who serve as role models. Real leaders.

Transparente Führung


The personality of the captain should no longer be an unknown quantity when he is entrusted with the helm of a large corporate freighter. Knowing the motives that are important to a person means knowing what the other wants in life.

Buch für Manager


A corporate identity needs a beginning, an origin, a history and a tradition. Identity cries out for authenticity. Identity has to be real.

Leitbilder gestalten


Guiding principles are often glare, diversionary maneuvers, noise and smoke. Sunday speeches that are given to be forgotten. Sayings for the poetry album to dream. In practice, they are of very little use, at least if they do not match the motives of the company leader and the employees and the associated values are not lived.

Führugskraft Buch


The individual combination of the 16 life motifs shows us the direction in which we should go so that we are happy in private life and at work.  



Anyone who has survived bankruptcy and is back on the market can pass on experiences that other consultants do not have. This helps people who have their backs to the wall and believe that there is no way out of this mess. But there is.

Ein Buch das den Dialog forder


In a good consultation, the thoughts are not developed in private, but in dialogue. Socrates showed the way.

Management Buch das den Mensch ins Zentrum stellt


When situation and person meet, in this game the person is the constant and the situation is the unknown.

Change Management Buch


Management responsibility is subject to cycles. It is a normal process. Management boards and supervisory boards have to understand this.

Loslassen Lernen


The professional ability to let go must be part of the leadership role in the future. The change at the top must become normal—without any loss of image.