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the power
of intrinsic


The Oracle of Delphi says:

"Become who you are".​

But do we always know this? At all in difficult situations?​

Often, we understand issues we carry around in replication, and we think, “If I had known then what I know about myself now …”


But, if we know what really drives us, we can shape our lives accordingly and sum up at some point:

“I did it my way.”

Discover the Power of Intrinsic Motivation: The Key to Unlocking
your potential

Intrinsic motivation is your secret weapon for achieving your goals and finding fulfillment in your pursuits. This internal drive is what compels us to seek out new experiences, learn new things, and push ourselves to the next level.


Your interests, values, and passions are all factors that can influence your level of intrinsic motivation. When you are intrinsically motivated, you experience a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction, and fulfillment that leads to increased performance, creativity, and innovation.


Autonomy, competence, and relatedness also play a role in our intrinsic motivation. When we feel in control of our own decisions and actions, feel competent and knowledgeable about what we're doing, and feel a sense of connection and relatedness to others, we are more likely to stay motivated and pursue our goals with vigor.

Inner Motives

"Intrinsic motives 

have two properties:
WHAT is desired is the general in human motivation. HOW MUCH of it is desired is the specific in human motivation."

Steven Reiss

Inner Goals

"Wishes are foreshadowing feelings of the abilities that lie within us, harbingers of that which we will be able to accomplish."

JW von Goethe

internal potential

“Perhaps no single phenomenon reflects the positive potential of human nature as much as intrinsic motivation, the inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise one's capacities, to explore, and to learn”

Ryan & Deci

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

 Inner Energy

When we do something we love doing, we are like an engine that does not require any fuel. For some, that is running marathons; for others, it is solving math puzzles or graphic design.


Sometimes we become so consumed by our daily business that we forget to take a look 

at the larger picture of who we are 

and where we are headed in life. 

Steven Reiss


It is simply not possible to motivate someone from the outside.

Steven Reiss


We do not perceive reality as what it's like, but as we are.


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Brunello Gianella

Intrinsic Motivation Expert


My personal experience includes global leading companies -FORD, HILTI, SHELL, EQUINOR, MAZDA, SWISS LIFE, SOCAR.

By building bridges between different personalities, cultures, languages, and ecosystems, we can uncover previously unknown potential in your organization.

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