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Fresh sayings and good stories: That makes the middle class strong


At W&V MAKE in Frankfurt, medium-sized companies will be discussing with digital experts and strategists how they can manage the balancing act between tradition

and innovation.

In the third year of the successful W&V MAKE SME Conference, the event will take place in Frankfurt for the first time this year. With a view to the Main river, small and medium-sized businesses will discuss with digital experts and strategists how they can make their business model and the company's communications fit for the future.


Keynote speaker, consultant and book author Brunello Gianella welcomes the guests with the statement "Emotions are the inner strength of the companies" and asks them to carry the stories that are in the medium-sized companies forward. Because they make the enterprise valuable and singular.


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This is exactly what the company Speyer & Grund has recently done with its product Surig vinegar essence. Oliver Sladek, the company's head of marketing, explains how the company had set itself the goal of rejuvenating its target group and increasingly addressing young families and students. Together with the Envy agency and a media strategy that was strongly geared to the Facebook, YouTube and Instagram platforms, this was achieved in a very short time.

It was all about what Brunello Gianella had demanded before: being authentic and arousing emotions.

Surig did not take himself too seriously in his campaign and drew the attention of his new target group to the various applications of his product with cheeky slogans.


"Kill your company every day"

Marcus Diekmann, Managing Director of bicycle dealer Rose Bikes, impressively describes that change is not always easy. He invites the audience to refrain from three-year plans and instead act in a goal-oriented manner. Using various examples, he showed how quickly a new participant can disrupt an entire market. Tesla is rolling up the automobile market, Zalando has put shoe dealers in distress and is reinventing the market for bathroom furnishings. He is convinced that "all segments work online" and calls on the audience to develop a sustainable model for online retailing as quickly as possible. "Kill your company every day - before someone else does," he is convinced.

Although Edding is not currently turning the corner with its business model, its Edding Tech division is trying to renew the ever-dwindling pen business. Instead of experimenting with real color, digital experts are experimenting with digital ink and want to offer new industrial solutions in the field of lettering.



Hannes Behacker, Managing Director of Edding Tech, then discusses with Marcus Diekmann why a change process always hurts and how employees can still be successfully involved in the process of renewal.

W&V MAKE in Frankfurt is supported by its partners Adobe, El Cartel Media and HR Werbung.


Autor: Lena Herrmann W&V