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2020 Crisis, a need for Decisions

2020 was like a rapid new start for me.

As a person, life partner, father, grandfather, and entrepreneur.

A new intimacy at home with my wife Christiane (we are at risk and have deliberately withdrawn), more intense communication through multiple channels with the children and grandchildren, the completed handover of my former entrepreneurial activities to my son Daniele and the new start as a mentor/business angel in the start-up sector.

Three exciting stories I can actively and delicately accompany, which are worth watching:



GemeinsamEinzigartig (

I am glad to be part of the GemeinsamEinzigartig team and to have the chance to delve into the topic of Diversity & Inclusion!

A few thoughts and a wish for 2021.

We, humans, are an intolerant species. We judge ourselves by our intention, which only we know and mostly invisible or not transparent to others and others by their visible actions. Ignorance of intention often leads to unconscious prejudice, lack of understanding, conflict, and exclusion. And this goes both ways, sender and receiver.

Majority and minority. Who sets the norm and, more importantly, who challenges the norm from time to time?

Evolution has a lot to do with the acceptance of otherness. Only if we allow and encourage otherness can we grow and ensure our continued existence. Diversity is the engine of evolution.

My wish and contribution for the year 2021

The fight for more diversity and achieving inclusion as a matter, of course, starts with us, with the way we treat our children. Already there, as parents, we must stand up and apologize when we fall into unconscious bias, stand in front of our child when he or she is excluded by others, but also intervene when our child excludes others: a long road, but a significant highway.

I fight my prejudices every day. And at 66 years old, there are still many of them. Far too many!


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